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Car Rally
October 1st, 2022

Registration: pre-registration is required so we can have your package ready.

Car Rally Fee: $5.00 per Vehicle​

Starting Location: Drayton Fairgrounds, 49 Elm Street

Starting Time: 1:00pm and will be a staggered start

How to register: Email

Question: Contact John Foster 519-503-7843

Prize Money:  1st Prize $100  2nd Prize $50 3rd Prize $25 

Rules and Regulations

  1. This is not a race! You will succeed by closely following directions and carefully observing your surroundings.

  2. There is no set number of people per team, we strongly recommend one driver who is focused on driving and as many sharp eyed passengers as possible.

  3. All the landmarks/ checkpoints / clues that you will be watching for can be seen from the public roadway, THERE IS NO NEED TO GO ONTO PRIVATE PROPERTY!

  4. If you want a closer look at something, be sure to park safely and walk carefully to what you want a better look at. AVOID U-TURNS AND BACKING UP ON THE ROADWAY.

  5. You will need a digital camera or a cell phone that can take pictures as well as a pen or pencil.

  6. The rally course will be 90-100km in length, expect to spend 3-4 hours completing the rally (getting lost, rereading directions, stopping to take photographs, patronizing local businesses etc.).

  7. Rally contestants will have staggered start times; some sets of directions will also be in reverse order.

  8. If you really get stumped you will be given a telephone number that you can call for hints.

  9. The entire rally will take place on roads within Mapleton or surrounding Mapleton. 

  10. After registering you will be given a start time (the rally will start and end at the Fair Grounds.

  11. You will be given a complete package of instructions at the start of the rally; the best advice that we can give you is that you read all the instructions before starting out.

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Drayton Fairgrounds

49 Elm Street
Drayton, Ontario 
N0G 1P0


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